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BodYtone Medical & Health Supplies
Bodytone Medical & Health Supplies, established in 1995, distribute worldwide, a range of personal home-use products.
We also supply a range of Professionsal Beauty, Health and Medical equipment to the Beauty, Spa, Health and Medical industries.
Our Personal Products include ~
  • MEDIC2000 / MEDIC EV-507D / EV-906 EMS/TENS machines
  • Bodytone 8 pad Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machines
  • Heliabrini Cellulite Patches
  • Tua Viso Facial Exercisers
  • Mens Personal groomers
  • DERMAL-TONE Facial Exercisers
  • ZEN CHI Relaxerciser / Aerobic Massager
  • Self-adhesive gel pads for MEDIC EV-507D / EV-906
We provide substantial warranty periods on our personal product range ~
This will be 1, 2, 3 or 5 years.
Our Professional Products include ~
       * Body Reshapers ~ Slimtone / Health Technology
       * G5 Subdermal therapy massage systems
       * Bodytone Subdermal Cellulite Therapy System
       * Microdermabrasion Crystals
We provide a minimum 1 year warranty on our professional range
Our range of products has increased steadily over the years. We continually monitor new products as they become available. We do not, however, include any new products in our range unles  and until we are completely satisfied that each is effective, of excellent quality and we can offer them to our clients, at a fair and reasonable cost.

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